Yoga Retreat

Join us for a unique "twist" on the yoga retreat. Saturday, September 21 from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm at Dominion Sanctuary in Sparta, Mi. (Rain date Sept. 28.) All levels welcome!

Our outside yoga class will offer beginner to experienced yogis an opportunity to commune not only with nature, but with one of the earth's most sentient creatures: pigs! These gentle beings will join us for our 60-minute vinyasa, appropriate for all skill levels.

Yoga will be followed by a silent nature walk where we will call on our Zen mind to fully absorb the sights, sounds, smells and sensations offered on 12 acres of wooded land. The 30 minute guided meditation will take place in a clearing and will be enhanced by essential oils, chosen by each yogi with his/her/their intention for the day in mind.
You will receive a unique raw gemstone or crystal (purchased locally at Spirit Dreams) to use as you see fit for intention setting, meditation or mental focus.
Each yogi will travel back on her/his/their own time to the sanctuary, where a full vegan brunch with complimentary mimosas will be waiting for you! After brunch, we will learn how to design an all-natural sugar scrub and take home our creations. 
Depending on the timing, we may squeeze in a 30 minute relaxation period of yin yoga or gentle stretching. The flow of the day will be organic and relaxed, taking time as we need to absorb, settle in, appreciate movement and stillness with all of the sensations of nature, while the pigs will remind us of the simple joys in life.
Yoga retreat with pigs, silent hike & meditation at Dominion Sanctuary
Please bring:
- A yoga mat
- A water bottle
- Sunscreen
- A chair and/or blanket for brunch and making sugar scrubs (we'll have some extras if you don't have one suitable for this)
- An 8-12 oz container with a lid, such as a Mason jar, for your sugar scrub
- Your favorite essential oil (optional - a variety will be offered)
- Something to layer on in case it cools down
Suggested donation: $100/adult, $90/child 12 or older. A $10 discount will be offered for those who carpool and/or bring their own plates/utensils (please consider how we might reduce our carbon imprint for this event.) Fill out this form: and send your donation to (or use regular paypal with address:

Refunds are available until 9/1/19 via email request to If we are unable to conduct the event on both 9/21 and 9/28, you will receive an email with the option to leave your donation for the sanctuary or receive a full refund.
Rain date: Sept 28
Children 12 and older welcome with a participating adult, child rate is $90. Liability waiver required to participate. Address sent with ticket purchase or upon inquiry. Location is approximately 5 minutes north of Rockford Meijer store. Contact with any questions.
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