Sponsor a Piggy!

There are a few ways to sponsor the pigs, every way is so appreciated! One is through making a contribution each month to go towards their recurring food, vitamin & straw costs. Support starts at $5/month, and you'll become part of our patreon community! Read more about how the money is spent right there on the patreon website. A ginormous thank you to the 24 people who currently contribute to the ongoing, predictable costs of caring for these three hungry piggies.

We graciously accept one time donations of any amount through our paypal link. We could not have made it through the unexpectedly HIGH straw & hay costs this winter without the support of several people who made one time contributions to help us set up a warm, insulated hut, and then rebuild it when the pigs tore it down mid-winter.

Carlos, Mowgli & Moana have expensive hoof & tusk trims done by a qualified, specialty pig veterinarian. It needs to be done every 6-10 months, on site, and costs about $150 per year for both hooves and tusks. We are hoping to stretch it out closer to the 10 months because it's very (very!) hard on the pigs, but it is important that it is done for health and safety reasons.

We are looking for a sponsor for each piggy, someone willing to cover the costs of this expected health care. Please click here to sponsor a pig's hoof/tusk trims. Once these needs are met, we will remove this link and replace it with a thank you note!  

Three pigs at vegan sanctuary in Sparta, Michigan

Other ways to support the pigs are to shop here, help raise awareness of living compassionately through the merchandise available on this website- we receive 100% of the profits from all purchases.

Lastly, for local friends in SW Michigan- the founder of Dominion Sanctuary, Allie Gadziemski, also teaches yoga and has a background in professional photography. Photography sessions are available on a donation basis, click here for photography information and scroll down to sign up for our newsletter to learn when donation based yoga classes are available.