Our Residents

Big Carlos, Mowgli & Moana the pigs at Dominion Sanctuary

This is Moana, Mowgli & Big Carlos! (Photos and information on the chicken residents coming soon!)

These three potbelly piggies were our first residents. They came to live with us on May 12, 2018.
A bit about them... Moana and Mowgli are very closely bonded. Big Carlos is actually their father! They came to us in a rehoming situation.

Moana is the only girl pig here right now, and she's happy to be the queen. She is by far the most vocal, and she is also the most confident and independent. She likes to have some space, isn't snuggly with any human and only rarely enjoys belly rubs... she does enjoy a good selfie with a human now and then. She has some signs of entropion of the eyes, her eyelids cover up more of her eyes than they should. She can see out of both eyes, but her vision isn't great.

Mowgli is a lover, likes closeness with a human and has the most black on his nose. He was the smallest when they first arrived but now is slightly larger than Moana. He has some anxiety, and tends to show happiness the most by wagging his tail more than the others. He is also the only piggy who runs away from his food dish during meal time to go get a drink of water, mid meal! He loves belly rubs and snuggles. If I'm sitting in the pasture doing my own thing, he'll come over to me and lay by me, touching my legs. He loves closeness and attention.

Big Carlos, where do I begin?! Carlos is a lover. He is selective with whom he gives his love to, which we can all respect. He is bigger than the other two pigs, one veterinarian thought he might have been mixed with a "farm hog." He had some major vision problems in April of 2019 and underwent surgery at MSU to fix both eyelids and heal an ulcerated cornea of the eyeball. It was a pretty big undertaking and a special story of strength. courage, and perseverance. 

Scroll down to see some of our favorite photos of the pigs... see if you can tell who's who in the photos! They look a lot alike from some angles and we even have a hard time telling Mowgli and Carlos apart from each other in photos sometimes. We post photos almost daily on our Instagram page, our name is Dominion Sanctuary. Photos on this page taken by the amazing Paulina M Photography.

Piggy love at Dominion Sanctuary 

Sanctuary life in Sparta, Michigan

Barn life at Dominion Sanctuary, Sparta, Michigan.

Happy pigs living in sanctuary

Animal rescue farm pigs potbelly pig sanctuary

Michigan animal sanctuary founded on vegan principlesblack and white piggy photo

Michigan springtime at Dominion Sanctuary with pigs