Our Residents

Click on each photo to learn the names of our residents and a little snippit of information about them. Please consider sponsoring an animal who speaks to your heart. You can sponsor them by clicking on their name. Sponsoring is $12-$25/month depending on the individual and covers their grain-based food for the month. All sponsors will receive a certificate and photo of their animal in the mail and are welcome to a private or group tour of our sanctuary with their friends or family. Sponsoring offers monthly financial support that you can cancel through your own paypal account any time. Click on the photos above or on the names right here to sponsor: Big Carlos, Mowgli, Moana, Margaret, Carol, Natasha, Wanda, Ariella, Allie, or Bosco the Rooster

 If you'd like to give a little extra for your special resident to cover vegetables, fruits, vitamins, their daily bananas, and/or hoof trims and check ups, consider signing on as a patreon as well! Sponsoring is a symbolic relationship to caring and providing for one individual; in reality, we can't keep Carlos and Moana from sharing food when they eat together, but it all evens out. We are home to 7 rescued pigs and 3 abandoned chickens. We'd love for you to join us for an event or tour, learn more about them and meet them in person. Sponsors are welcome to snuggle dates, too, of course. Contact us with any questions about sponsoring!