Dominion Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal sanctuary in Sparta, Michigan. We care for these beautiful rescued chickens and pigs, help people connect with them, understand the plight of "farmed" animals and potbelly pigs, and learn about plant-based living. We are founded on vegan principles and educate visitors on the practice of empathy, collective responsibility and sustainable choices.

Our priority is to care for the animals entrusted to us, acting in true dominion and providing excellent nutrition, enrichment and medical care as needed. We aim to educate and plant seeds of compassion in people of all ages. Our sanctuary promotes respectful treatment of all animals, helping people to understand that a plant based diet is best for the environment, human health, and of course- animals. 

Inspired by an understanding of the word dominion, we strive to bring awareness to the cruelty, environmental dangers and violence in the meat, dairy and egg industries. We believe connection and kindness are at the root of that change.

We took in our first residents on May 12, 2018 and incorporated as a legal nonprofit in January of 2019. While we are still a small, young sanctuary, we strive to do more than we could do alone, and we rely on community support to help make that happen. As of February, 2020, we are home to 7 pigs in two separate herds, and 5 chickens (two hens and three roosters) from various neglect, abandonment and abuse situations. See photos of each resident here.

Our sanctuary is not a petting zoo, nor do we have public hours at this time; guests interested in connecting with the animals or learning about any aspect of our mission are encouraged to contact us via email (dominionsanctuaryMI@gmail.com) for a tour and/or join us for a small group tour (RSVP required.) We are located about 5 minutes north of the Rockford  Meijer store, the address is provided when you RSVP.

The comfort and peace of our animal residents is most important here. We are different from a petting zoo because we do not have any expectations- social or otherwise- for the animals to "do" or "perform" or "provide" anything at all for us. There is certainly no breeding or selling of eggs here- our hens don't even lay eggs! Here, they get to live the most peaceful and comfortable life that they can, and if that means that they would prefer to hang out away from human visitors, we are happy to allow that! We do have some pigs that often enjoy human attention, and they tend to be the ambassadors for all of the other animals.

Not a vegetarian but want to come see what we're up to? Please do! All respectful individuals are welcome. We believe in and support incremental change and trust that the journey towards kinder and more environmentally friendly vegetarian or vegan living is unique for everyone. The benefits to our planet and the health benefits of giving up animal products are countless. We want to help people make that connection, see how easy- and quite joyful- it is to live a life of compassion and non-violence. We have experienced that seeing and interacting with the chickens and pigs in a loving setting can help that process. All are welcome to visit on tour days and at our special events. We reserve the right to deny visits based on commentary of violence, cruelty, or blatant disrespect towards our residents.

We are grateful for your support and for our amazing community in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

All photos on this page thanks to the amazing Paulina M Photography.  

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Allie Gadziemski and pigs at vegan sanctuary for rescued animals
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