Your body is a temple, not a grave, Guest Post 4 of 5 by Christina Girgis

Your Body is a Temple not a Grave

There are multiple references in the Bible about looking after your body, and God dwelling in us. A temple is a holy place, a place of worship, to focus on God, not selfish, greedy human desires, like for the taste of dead flesh. I wouldn’t want to make God dwell in a graveyard. To fill my body with death and suffering, all of it unnecessary. We can honour God’s will, his perfect design for our bodies, by eating a vegan diet.

Many studies have clearly shown the damage to our bodies of eating animal products. Processed meats and eggs are now listed by the world health organisation as class one cancer causing carcinogens alongside cigarettes. The top cardiologists in the world are saying that the optimum amount of meat in a healthy human diet is zero. Canada has removed dairy from their food pyramid, they no longer consider it a food group at all.

The most respected, recent research all suggests that a vegan diet is best for us and is safe and healthy for all ages. Biologically, we are most similar to frugivores, not omnivores as previously thought (back when there were only 3 categories). We share 98.7% of the same
DNA as apes, who are vegan, and very muscular and that diet is clearly best suited to them.

The fact is, God made it possible for us to eat a small amount of meat, occasionally, purely for survival, monkeys have that same ability and do occasionally kill and eat their enemies in tribal wars. But it’s not a healthy diet, or an optimal diet, it’s simply a survival mechanism.

There’s also the aspect of self-denial, hence most monks are vegan, and all of the ancient churches (Like Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican) do vegan fasts before feast days. Even modern churches now do the ‘Daniel Fast’ once a year, which is vegan. I am currently attending a Coptic orthodox church and they are vegan more than half of the year and have been for thousands of years. Our bodies can be healthy and sustained on a vegan diet, Christians have known this since biblical times. Vegetarianism and veganism are not new concepts to Christianity.
I have even read that a vegan diet, even when started after retirement age, can add 10yrs to your life expectancy. And reverse lifelong damage to your arteries, brain, digestive system and your body in general. I’ve seen lots of cases of people with diabetes and heart disease fully recover from what are meant to be lifelong diseases, simply through a whole foods plant based vegan diet. The health benefits are easily measurable. Your energy goes up, you lose excess weight, you reduce your risks of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the biggest killers, to next to nothing. It’s genuinely the best thing you can do for your body.

More time to share the gospel and do God’s will on earth is always a worthy thing to have.


This article is the 4th of 5 posts by Christian Girgis

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