Stewardship Mandate, Christian Veganism - Part 3 of 5 by Chrstina Girgis

Stewardship Mandate

We are called to stewardship in the Bible. To be caretakers of this world. To look after and protect all that lives on it.

Animal agriculture is by far the biggest polluter and destroyer of the earth right now. The air, water, and land pollution from farmed animals is more than double the damage caused by cars, planes and factories combined. It also contributes the most to species extinction from deforestation, natural ecosystems are being destroyed to make farms for non-native animal species, in their unnatural environments.

On the other hand, plants produce oxygen unlike animals, especially cows, who produce large harmful amounts of methane and carbon dioxide. Plants also take significantly less land and water to grow the same weight and nutritional value in human food.

We feed so much human quality food to cows alone, that if we stopped, we could solve world hunger four times over, and end human starvation in less than a year. Without giving the food to livestock there would be more than enough to go around for all humans.

Stopping buying animal products is the single biggest positive impact a person can have on the environment. If we take stewardship seriously, the easiest and most effective way to look after the world, is to choose a vegan lifestyle for ourselves and our families.


This article is the 3rd of 5 posts by Christian Girgis

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Further Information

The Theology of Christian Veganism. A video going through the whole bible to explore how God feels about animals and our role, and his will regarding them.

The Impact of Animal Agriculture on the Environment, an article from New Zealand mainstream media news, quoting recent studies.

Forks over Knives. A website and movie explaining the health benefits of Veganism.

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