Special for fundraising today only for Sanctuary Moon & All Species Kinship

All orders today will directly benefit two Michigan vegan organizations: https://www.patreon.com/sanctuarymoon and All Species Kinship (A.S.K.)

All profits from every sale benefit animals ALL OF THE TIME,

Here is how they are split up:

We have 4 designers that have contributed to our shirts & products.  Myself, Jennifer Bafile graphic designer Elizabeth Visser, and Cynical Coyote.

Profits are split between 4 different organizations.

If a purchased design is one of mine, Jennifer's or Elizabeth's, the profits are split between Sanctuary Moon & All Species Kinship, and the piggies we care for here.  20% is split between Sanctuary Moon & A.S.K; the remaining 80% of profit benefits the piggies that we care for at our sanctuary. We work toward funding for running electricity to their barn, insulating for winter, and creating a safer, stronger, larger fenced area for enrichment.

Design's by Cynical Coyote's category entirely benefit Anonymous for the Voiceless.

Each shirt has the designer listed, either Jenniifer Bafile, Elizabeth Visser, Cynical Coyote... if no other designer is listed, than it means it's me.  :)

Reminder: TODAY, all profits benefit Sanctuary Moon & All Species Kinship. Order today to support our local vegan non-profit organizations.  The work A.S.K. & Sanctuary Moon do is so so dear to my heart and so valuable.

The animals thank you.

Please shop today for ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the profit to be split equally between Sanctuary Moon & All Species Kinship!

It is worth noting that up until early mid May (last month), all designs by Jennifer Bafile, Elizabeth Visser & myself were split entirely 50/50 between Sanctuary Moon & A.S.K. It wasn't until last month that the structure was reorganized to provide some funding for our new residents here.

On our ONE YEAR anniversary, we had raised just over $900 split between A.S.K, Sanctuary Moon & Anonymous for the Voiceless. Due to some private fundraisers for Grand Rapids Puppy Mill Awareness, Grand Rapids Farmed Animal Save and GR VegFest, they received some funding too!  Thank you all for your support!

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