More winter survival :) Michigan animal sanctuary

I get so many questions about how we keep the piggies warm in the winter. I am the first to acknowledge that the hut does not look like sufficient protection in these cold temperatures... but what the photos don't usually show is the HUT inside the uninsulated barn. In this video, you can see and learn a little bit more about our safe & warm pig setup. Our absolute priority is the pigs safety, health and well being. They may not be thrilled with the cold temperatures, and there's nothing we can do about that (I'm not thrilled with them either, for what it's worth!) but they always have a safe and warm place to go. We love them so much! 

We are going through so much  more straw in these winter months than we anticipated! Any support is appreciated, we value your support more than we can say. It helps us to feel like we're not alone in our endeavors to care for these beings, and obviously, it helps with finances too. You can help support our care for these friends by making a small monthly contribution at or a one time donation is just as lovely, at With gratitude, and hopes that you are staying warm!

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