Grieving God & Godly Character Building: Guest blog post by by Christina Girgis (5th of series of 5 on Christian Veganism)

Godly Character Building

Compassion is always a good, Godly trait to have. God isn’t limited to only caring about humans and neither are we. Empathy for animals flows over to humans as well, that’s why people often say having a pet is good for children’s character development.

When we choose to support animal agriculture we display the opposite of Godly character. We show greed (as it’s not a need), and Selfishness (putting the taste of a burger over someone’s entire existence, and our food choices damaging the planet and leaving it worse off for future generations).

Veganism means you are acting on your compassion, kindness, mercy, selflessness and responsibilities of stewardship, and putting God’s preferences above your own.

Grieving God

We love God, we don’t want our actions to upset him. But we know God sees every sparrow fall, likewise every cow, pig, sheep and chicken, and he cares for them all. If you have ever seen a slaughterhouse video, or the awful living conditions farm animals endure, you wouldn’t want to see it a second time, it’s like a horror movie but it’s real.

Hearing the sounds of fear as they wait to die and hear their friends and family go before. Seeing the tears, hearing the cries of mother cows and their calves as they are separated, desperate to get back to each other, never to see each other again in the dairy industry.

Seeing male chicks in the egg industry ground up alive on the first day of their lives. No one wants to see any of that, let alone more than once. Yet every time we choose to buy animal products, it’s supply and demand, we cause animal
suffering and early death. God sees every single one fall. Can you imagine the magnitude of the despair, the horror, the pain of seeing billions of innocent young, thinking, feeling animals that he made and cares about, that he never wanted to suffer, going through all of that constantly, and by human hands, the hands he created to act as his hands on earth.

We claim to love God, to try and act as his church body on earth. Would his hands purposely cause unnecessary suffering? How can we be ok with causing him unmeasurable grief every day, because of our food choices. Our choices do not only cause animal suffering.

We couldn’t handle seeing animal suffering with our human level of empathy, God’s empathy is way higher, he knows how they all feel, what they are all thinking, and it causes him grief and pain. We have a choice, we shouldn’t be causing him, or his creatures that he cares about pain like that, just because we like the taste of dead bodies.

I will close with a verse that I remind myself of if I ever feel tempted to eat animal products, which thankfully happens less and less often now. “But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if
you go ahead and do it. For you are not following your convictions. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.” (Romans 14:23)

Because of what I know about God’s preferences in the Bible, and his character, because of what I know about the environmental impact, my health, and animal suffering, because I know it is not need but greed, I have doubt about eating animal products being morally right. Therefore, for me, to not be vegan is to be living in sin.


This concludes Christina Girgis's series on the marriage between Christianity and veganism.  Her thoughts are so well thought out and clearly communicated, based on a combination of biblical scripture & fact AND Christina's honorable character and her God-given compassion and wise spirit. This article is the 5th and last of 5 posts by her, and we are so grateful for her sharing this beautiful testimony as a Christian vegan!

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Further Information

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