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Did you know Christians are one of the categories of people in the USA that consume the most meat?  Why do you suppose that is?  Why do Christians, at church events, prayer vigils revolve around the flesh of God's unnecessarily mutilated and slaughtered creation?

Where does the compassion end?  Where does the mercy for God's creation start?  Why do people who know the love and compassion of Christ not share that love and empathy with the least of these, as in Matthew 25:40.

This is James Aspey, Austrailian activist that travels the world with a peaceful, logical message of compassion. 

Here, he talks to a Christian man and it leaves many vegans scratching their head.

Truth is, I encounter this all the time.  People who insist that because they "can" choose cruelty, and they're perhaps used to eating animal flesh, they think they might as well continue.  It's hard to digest.

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