More winter survival :) Michigan animal sanctuary

I get so many questions about how we keep the piggies warm in the winter. I am the first to acknowledge that the hut does not look like sufficient protection in these cold temperatures... but what the photos don't usually...

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Winter with the pigs

This is our first winter with the pigs. We moved to this property in Southwest Michigan in March 2018, and one of the main reasons for our move here was so that we could take in some "farm" animals. The...

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Where do our profits go when you buy our vegan merchandise?

All profit on shirt sales directly supports animals.Things have changed a little over the almost-two years since we started 6th Commandment Vegan, and now, most sales directly benefit our animal sanctuary: Dominion Sanctuary.Sales of Cynical Coyote's designs send profits to...

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Stewardship Mandate, Christian Veganism - Part 3 of 5 by Chrstina Girgis

We are called to stewardship in the Bible. To be caretakers of this world. To look after and protect all that lives on it. Animal agriculture is by far the biggest polluter and destroyer of the earth right now. The air, water, and land pollution from farmed animals is more than double the damage cau...
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