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    We post almost every day on Instagram... follow along with pigs Carlos, Mowgli & Moana, Margaret, and Carol, Natasha & Wanda and the chicken residents, Bosco, Allie & Ariella. Here are our Instagram posts and stories

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    We are entirely donor funded and take no compensation. Small monthly donations go a long way at Patreon & we appreciate one time donations through paypal (email:  All donations are tax deductible!

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Dominion Sanctuary's outreach is focused on spreading compassion, connection and education in our community. We offer monthly tours in a small group setting every (non-snowy!) month. Simply meeting and interacting with the residents here can lead to a new understanding of "farmed animals." We are here to encourage and support people as they learn about the benefits of plant-based living and kindness for all living beings.

Tour Dates/Tickets

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How can I visit?

Small group and private "meet the pigs & chickens" tours are available for donors and fellow sanctuary workers, by appointment. We will open up for larger, ticketed events 4-6x per year, weather (and mosquitos) permitting. Be sure you're following along on Facebook & Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter- all the links are at the bottom of this page.

How can I get more details and stories?

If you're interested in the details of what's going on with us, please become a patron on our Patreon website. We share things first there, and we share far more details there than anywhere else, ever. Patreon support starts at $5 per month and is our most consistent source of reliable financial support. Thank you for considering it! Remember that all donations made to our 501(c)(3) are tax-deductible and we are 100% volunteer run. No one receives any payment or salary for their work with the animals here. Our only compensation is getting to know the love of the animals, which is more than enough!

Can you take my animals in?

We are not currently able to take in any more animals. We must be selective about our growth, and who we take in, because our resources are limited. When we have a larger barn, we will be able to take in more animals. Visit the donate page to help us with the barn fundraising.

What's next for Dominion Sanctuary?

In early 2018, Allie & her family moved from the suburbs of Grand Rapids to Sparta, MI so that they could start an animal sanctuary. Now that that dream has become a reality, it's time to fund raise for a barn so that more animals can be cared for, and more seeds of compassion can be planted by the amazing residents at Dominion Sanctuary! We are relying on our community's support. We are actively pursuing many options to barn raise; until we have a bigger barn, no more animals can be brought in. Please help us fund raise for the barn on the donate page!

Do you sell merchandise?

Yes, all of the merchandise on this website benefits the animals at our sanctuary. No one takes any salary or wages at all, all donations and sales of shirts, mugs, decals, hats- it all helps the animals. All of the designs were either donated by other talented artists or created by us. We sold tee shirts for about a year before we had our sanctuary, and at that time, we donated the proceeds to other animal rescues & sanctuaries. Our focus with the shirts has always been compassion for all.

How do I get a tax write-off for my donation?

Our EIN is 83-3222000. This is the number needed on tax forms to identify us as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit. If you need any further information, please contact us at - we're happy to help and appreciate your support!

More tidbits

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    Could you spare $5/10/20 per month to help us with food, straw, the or the animal's health care? Patreon is a great way to support the animals & our mission. We also use that platform to share things that we don't share anywhere else. Please join us with an affordable monthly donation!

  • Photos

    Most of the amazing photos throughout this website are thanks to Paulina M Photography. We are so grateful to all of our volunteers' support and contributions- her beautiful photography is no exception! She captures the magic of the animals' spirit & connection with each other and with us, so beautifully.

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    An easy way to support us is to shop using our Amazon Smile link supporting Dominion Sanctuary. It costs you nothing more, but as a 501c3 non-profit, Amazon Smile will donate a tiny percentage of your order to us! Your Prime will still work and prices are the same. 

  • Hours

    For the safety of the animals and the structure of our days, we do not have regular open hours. Visits can be arranged for families or small groups, and we have small group tours every month - they're great opportunities to meet and get to know the animals and learn about our mission!